IELTS is International English Language Testing System. This course helps you not only to score the best in IELTS Writing Task 1 but, also, lets you structure your letters or email strategically.

IELTS Writing Task is different for both Academic and General IELTS. IELTS Masterclass: IELTS Writing Task 1 course is basically for the students appearing for General Training. However, it also helps the students appearing for Academic IELTS by introducing them the strategies to write a formal letter or an email to the educational organizations.

A course for the beginner, you need only a pen/pencil and a paper to understand and note down the different prototypes for each type of letter taught in IELTS Masterclass: IELTS Writing Task 1. We look at the different types of tasks that can be asked in this test. The different categories and types of letters are precisely explained in detail. Moreover, it describes the ways to plan a letter, to write the opening lines, elaborate the topic and to sign it off.

For your quick reference, there are also samples provided of a few letter types. This helps you to have a quick scan through the exact way each type of letter can be written.

At the end, there are quick-win strategies for closing any loop holes of understanding any type of letter explained in this course, IELTS Masterclass: IELTS Writing Task 1.

P.S.: Do not forget to take up the reflection activity to target the end goal and the FAQs for any further details.

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